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Ben Lathbury

Persephone's Chair

Persephone's Chair is an indie game development studio based in West Sussex, UK. What started out as something of a "one-man-band" operation, the studio has recently doubled in size to the grand total of two people.


Ben Lathbury is the founder and lead programmer for the company. Born in 1988, he lives in West Sussex with his wife Megan, his stepson Dylan and their three pets; Hermione the dog and Persephone & Ozymandias the cats. Whilst Persephone's Chair is pretty much a full time job, Ben also has a varied career as a choral conductor, concert pianist and magician. In his spare time, he enjoys driving, playing golf and chess, and walking his dog.

Alex Kharitonov is the studio's assistant programmer and is based in Stuttgart. He keeps a busy schedule with a number of programming and electronic projects, information about which can be found on his website.

The name Persephone's Chair came from one of Ben's cats and the fact that she used to sit on the office chair for the benefits of warmth. Therefore, whenever any work was to be undertaken, Ben had to sit on "Persephone's chair" (since ownership of it had naturally transferred to her). The name stuck and the studio was born. And since you're now expecting a picture of a cat...


Persephone's chair

Persephone on Persephone's chair

The best way to get in touch with Ben with questions relating to game development or for press releases is via Twitter or Discord. Links to all social media can be found in the footer below.

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